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Packaging for Granola

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 Packaging for Granola
Packaging for granola. A food that is dominating a niche market and that requires a package capable of balancing ingredients and taste.
Food Packaging Bags for granola. A food that is very prominent in the segment of superfoods and that requires packaging like stand up pouch meeting strict rules on nutritional content information, but also on the features of taste and gluttony.
Granola is a mix of cereals and oat flakes, ideal for breakfast or as a snack, perhaps accompanied by a cup of milk or low-fat yogurt with a spoonful of fruit jam. Granola promises many benefits in terms of energy and vitality, without giving up on deliciousness.
But how is the perfect granola packaging achieved for the target consumers?
Let’s start with the sportsmen’s breakfast. This muesli food packaging bag is surrounded by an orange cardboard sleeve which is the perfect expression of what must be highlighted in the packaging. First of all, the colors must be natural, a mango orange in this case. The graphics shall not be excessive. The name of the product is framed by some minimally invasive illustrations. The ingredients are key (muesli, mango and passion fruit) and then there are the usual oats, strictly low-fat yogurt and pieces of real fruit.


Let’s move on to a cardboard open end display ideal for supermarkets or pharmacies. The must is the simplicity of basic white. Each different granola taste is emphasized by a saturated and realistic reference color. The ingredients are specified, but the emphasis is placed on the flavor, pointing out that the healthiness is that of granola, but the taste is biscuit. In fact, according to a specialized study, the more the advertised product is natural or healthy, the lower the perception of good taste by consumers. It is a myth to overcome and this kind of simple paper pouch meets the demand.
Carrying on with displays, we find one more example suitable for food supplements which contains practical nutritious bars. That is stand up pouch. Here the approach is a little more institutional and typical of the pharmaceutical market. We therefore find on the one hand the specification of fibers and proteins intake and on the other a sort of exclusion list of everything that is not included in the recipe, because the product is intended for vegan consumers, people allergic to gluten or in any case not favorable to GMOs. The longevity benefit is inherent to the name and the snack is called smart. Here too a single tint, magenta, dominates the whole and the photographic illustration is extremely simple.
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