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Coffee Packaging Designs With Innovative Branding & Recognizable Logos

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Update time : 2021-07-15 13:38:50
Coffee Packaging Designs With Innovative Branding & Recognizable Logos
Onyx Coffee Lab is a great example of how modern design tendencies can market a traditional product. Think about the perfect blend of infographic features, tattoo-parlor ink and background with black hues just like those found in onyx stones. Coffee beans are packed in flat bottom pouch or stand up pouch. Every side of these pouches has a story and a goal.

Archer Farms Coffee stuns with beautiful artwork colored with vivid hues of bold colors and a small but impactful logo in side gusset pouch format. The red rooster is a great choice for Archer Farms because it simply promises you’ll rise and shine – after your first cup of caffeinated deliciousness, of course.
Why Branding And Packaging Design Matter So Much
It can be up to six times more expensive to attract a new customer than to keep an old one? Also, nearly 60% of consumers say they are more likely to buy a new product from a brand they are already familiar with.
The good news? Branding and packaging affect both the immediate purchase and customer loyalty. Plus, a consistent brand identity can increase revenue by up to 23%, while 90% of consumers expect a cohesive identity from a brand.
That’s why carefully thought-through, on-brand packaging coffee packaging (and any other product category) is crucial for your success on the market. It can help you attract more new customers, increase customer loyalty and strategically grow your sales.


Best Coffee Packaging Designs: Key Takeaways
We hope that our list of the excellent coffee branding and packaging designs has inspired you to create your new brand packaging or refresh the existing one with exciting, new ideas.

Here are the key takeaways for you:
  • Build a packaging design around the logo so it doesn’t feel out of place
  • Choose colors wisely because each color has a meaning
  • Don’t take typography lightly, it helps you pack up a visual statement
  • Experiment with styles (retro is always cool!)
  • Use relatable heroes that consumers can identify with
  • Play with shapes, patterns, lines and blank spaces
  • Interpret everything you can visually using illustrations
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